Intellectual Property & Trademark Lawyers | Denver

Many businesses that are growing, or have big plans to go, look at obtaining a federally-registered trademark in order to protect their brand. And businesses that have a trademark must proactively protect their marks or risk the possibility of losing it.

IP & Trademark Lawyer Services

  • Clearance searches for your desired trademark. This process is done in two parts: an initial search and an in-depth Boolean search. If after the initial search it does not look promising that we can get you a trademark, we do not move forward to the in-depth search.

  • Registration of trademarks with the USPTO

  • Cease and desist letters to those who may be infringing on your marks or copyrights

  • Licensing agreements to use your trademark (read about the difference between licensing and franchising)

  • Communication with the USPTO regarding a rejected application for a trademark

  • Consultations regarding the likelihood of obtaining a federally-registered trademark

  • Certification mark searches and filings

  • Renewals of existing trademarks

  • Name searches

  • Copyright filings

  • Confidentiality Agreements