Flat-Rate, Transparent Pricing


Many projects can be done on a flat-rate basis

Since it’s no fun for us to track time in six-minute increments, we try to take as many projects as possible on a flat-rate basis. Prior to the start of a transactional project, whether that be reviewing a Franchise Disclosure Document, drafting an Operating Agreement for an LLC, or creating a business entity structure, we will agree upon a fixed rate.  The scope of the project, the estimated time frame, and the anticipated amount of communication will all be figured into your quote.    Here are some of the projects we take on a flat-fee basis:

  • Reviewing Franchise Disclosure Documents. Before reviewing the FDD, we will discuss with you your goals, expectations, and what it is exactly you want to get out of having a franchise attorney review the FDD.

  • Drafting Business Contracts. Before beginning a drafting project, we will discuss exactly what it is you’re needing. Sometimes, the scope of the project can change during our phone call, which is why we want to set expectations clearly from the beginning.

  • Reviewing Leases, Employment Contracts, and Service Agreements. Prior to a contract review project, we will ask you to send us a copy of the document you’d like reviewed. This gives us exactly what we need to see before giving you a flat-rate quote.

  • Reviewing Prenuptial Agreements. Colorado law requires that each party to a prenup is represented separately (or at least each party has the option to have separate legal counsel.) If your fiance has had his or her attorney draft a prenup, we are happy to represent you individually. We would just ask for a copy of the prenuptial agreement then we can give you a firm, flat-rate quote.

  • Drafting Franchise Disclosure Documents and Franchise Agreements. These are very dense and complicated documents, and as such, we anticipate quite a bit of communication when drafting a franchise disclosure document and franchise agreement. The anticipated amount of communication is always included in your flat-rate quote.

  • Drafting Prenuptial Agreements. Before drafting a prenuptial agreement, we will have a conversation about your desires for the document and also ask questions about your financial picture. This will give us a good idea of the amount of time that will be required to draft the prenup, and we will give you a flat-rate quote before we begin.

What we offer:

  • Transparent billing based on an agreed-upon flat rate

  • No additional fees or costs outside of the flat rate

  • Most of our projects are flat-rate, however some larger projects or negotiations may be better suited for a retainer arrangement

  • Online payments and invoicing