Franchising Your Business

Congratulations on creating a successful business that is ready to expand into new markets by way of franchising. But as you may already know, the transition from business owner to franchisor is not insignificant.

Transitioning your business into a franchise opportunity that is marketable, sellable, and successful takes a significant amount of planning and legwork. Aside from the legal aspects of franchising (and those are substantial), there are dozens upon dozens of practical concerns that entrepreneurs must consider before transitioning their business into a successful franchise system. For starters, you'll need to write an operations manual, create a training program, develop technology systems for multiple locations, design a franchise sales program, provide support for franchisees, and prepare for annual financial audits. A franchise attorney is essential in drafting the legal documents for franchising, but wouldn’t it be nice to also work with someone who has the hands-on experience of transitioning a business into a franchise? And a successful one at that.

That’s Where We Come In.


Consulting Services For Prospective Franchisors

  • Financial analysis of expected transition costs

  • Itemized to-do lists by month and year

  • Expected timeline of transition process

  • Legal requirements and expectations

  • Competitive analysis including feedback from competitors' franchisees

  • Market expectations and analysis

  • Franchise feasibility studies

  • Readiness evaluation


Consulting Services For Established Franchisors

Franchisors, regardless of whether they have operating for a few months or a few years, sometimes need an independent party to assess weaknesses and recommend remedies. Slow franchise sales growth, unhappy franchisees, or poor outlet performances are all growing pains experienced by nearly every franchisor. An independent analysis can provide franchisors with unbiased, expert recommendations for growth.

  • Review of all systems, including training program, operations manual, resources for franchisees, support programs, sales processes, and marketing materials.

  • Personalized recommendations for system improvements

  • Review of FDD and Franchise Agreement for marketability and appearance

  • Interviews with current franchisees, either anonymously or as a representative of the franchisor

  • Professional recommendations for technology, infrastructure, or support systems