Franchise Lawyers

We work with both Franchisors and Franchisees


As the former CEO of a national franchise, Paperbark Law’s lead franchise attorney is well-equipped to help both franchisors and franchisees with anything franchise related.

Our clients include both franchisors and franchisees. And the size of our clients ranges from brand-new concepts to international brands. But the bottom line is we love working with businesses and franchises of all sizes.

Franchise law is federal law. The Federal Trade Commission, by way of its Franchise Rule, dictates the operation of every franchise in the United States. And because franchise law is federal, we are able to work with clients across the country.

Below are a list of franchise legal services we provide.

Prospective Franchisors

For business owners who are interested in franchising an up-and-running, successful business, we provide the following services:

  • Consultations regarding the process of franchising your business, including potential competitors, pricing structure, and general expectations of the process to franchise.

  • Creation of the Franchise Disclosure Document and corresponding franchise agreement. We will work with you to discuss terms that are most common in your industry and for the pricing structure you wish to offer your franchise owners.

  • Compliance consultations to help you understand the legal requirements for what you can and cannot disclose to prospective buyers, how the law requires you to sell a franchise, and state-specific requirements

Existing Franchisors

For franchisors who have been in business any length of time, we provide the following services:

  • Annual Franchise Disclosure Document reviews and updating.

  • Compliance checks on your sales processes, franchise disclose document, and internal procedures.

  • Franchise sales and closings. We can facilitate the closing of a franchise sale, including preparing the franchise agreement for signature, franchise agreement addendum, promissory notes.

  • Background checks for prospective franchise owners.

  • State registrations for franchises looking to expand into other states.

Prospective Franchisees

We provide the following franchise law services to individuals or groups of individuals who are interested in purchasing a franchise opportunity:

  • Review the Franchise Disclosure Document and Franchise Agreement as to your best interests. This includes evaluating the royalty fee structure, on-going fees, and important legal terms that affect your ownership rights.

  • Negotiate key franchise agreement terms with the franchisor.

  • Contact current and terminated franchise owners of a concept to learn about their experiences with the franchisor

  • Create an entity, such as an LLC, and draft its operating agreement compliant with the terms of your franchise agreement.

Existing Franchisees

For current franchise owners, we provide the following franchise law services:

  • Review the franchise agreement for specific clauses and terms of concern, such as renewal or termination clauses

  • Consult with you regarding your options for early termination of a franchise agreement

  • Evaluate the compliance procedures of the franchisor

  • Represent you in negotiations or disputes with your franchisor

  • Draft service, employee, contractor, or vendor agreements that you need in operating your franchise