Legal Consulting & Representation for Divorce | Denver


We are attorneys, but not divorce lawyers as you may come to think of them. Our clients are seeking legal advice for their divorce, but they don’t necessarily need an attorney requiring a large retainer or long court battles bullying their former spouse. Our clients want help navigating the legal aspects of divorce and want someone to represent them in an amicable dissolution. We provide these services and more in an unbundled package, so that clients aren’t committing to a lengthy legal process before it even begins.

Our legal services for individuals going through a divorce include:

  • Legal education and consulting in all areas of divorce, including separation of property, child support, alimony (maintenance) and child custody

  • Representation in mediation proceedings

  • Help filling out court documents and forms

  • Review of prenuptial agreements for validity and enforceability

If you are in the position of divorcing from your spouse and want legal help navigating through the process, we can help.