Business Consulting


Business consulting can take on a wide variety of forms, and in my practice I work with businesses of all types: from those who are just an idea to businesses that are interested in either franchising or continuing growth by company-owned or outside capital.

Starting a new Business

It all starts with an idea. But will it work? That’s been the originating question for countless of companies, both successful and unsuccessful. The recipe for what makes a company successful is a mix of creativity, drive, smarts, and luck. I’ve worked with clients in a wide variety of industries to help them determine what starting a new business would actually look like—the costs, the competition, the pragmatic concerns, and even the scope of technology required.

New Business Consulting Services:

  • Market research of competition and market saturation

  • Financial and capital requirements

  • Insurance and legal considerations

  • Market demand and growth

  • Technical knowledge requirements

Growth, Merger & Exit Strategies

Although my personal experience in growing companies has been through franchising, there are certainly many other ways for businesses to expand into new markets. Mergers, acquisitions, capital expansions, and licensing are all options for businesses to expand.

  • Financial evaluations to determine the price at which your company may be sold

  • Identifying potential buyers and partners

  • Expectations for investment returns

  • Analysis and evaluations of growth strategies