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The best legal advice comes from real-world experience, and Paperbark Law’s founding attorney was the CEO of a national franchise before turning her sights to becoming a franchise and business attorney. As a boutique law firm, we aim to provide a modern and approachable client experience with flat-rate pricing, online account access, and success-driven relationships.

Paperbark Law provides legal services in franchising, business, and contract law, including the drafting and review of prenuptial agreements.  Many of our clients are entering  new life ventures--whether that be taking the steps to franchise an already-successful business, purchasing a franchise, or starting a new business entirely.  We assist clients in nearly all small business legal matters, including the formation of entities, drafting and reviewing purchase agreements, licensing agreements, operating agreements, leases, employment contracts, and several other small business contracts. 

We also work with clients to draft and review prenuptial agreements, because, a like a business contract, a premarital agreement sets out the expectations of both parties.

If you're curious about our services in franchising, small business, or prenuptial agreements, get in touch.   



Franchise Law

Serving clients in all areas of franchising, including drafting and reviewing Franchise Disclosure Documents,  operational matters, and purchasing and sales of established franchise businesses.  

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Contract Drafting & Review

We can help with nearly every kind of contract at every stage--including leases, purchase agreements, service and construction contracts, licensing agreements, and employment contracts. 

Contract Law >


Environmental Compliance

Environmental compliance and consulting services for local, state, and federal environmental laws and regulations.

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Business Law

We work with small to medium-sized businesses in nearly every industry and can assist with proper company formation, employee matters, and financial structure.

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Prenuptial Agreements

Not just for celebrities, prenuptial agreements are a responsible way to protect assets, especially when a business is involved, prior to marriage.

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Business & Franchise Consulting

For those considering starting a new business or looking for ways to continue successful growth, we provide consulting services in all things franchising and business.

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